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Beijing 2102 Art Center was founded in 2012. It is a comprehensive art institute integrating art planning, exhibition, lecture. This art center is based in contemporary China and extended to the world. It is responsible of promoting excellent Chinese contemporary arts to the world’s arena. Since its establishment, it had consecutively planed a series of important international exhibitions.

In 2012, it planned team exhibition and performance project "Relevancy with Kemari" Traversing 5000 Years of China, led it to participate in the Edinburgh International Festival and won favorable comments. In 2013, it was invited to Adelaide Festival of Arts and Auckland Arts Festival in New Zealand. The TV stations in the two countries made special features to the performance.

In 2013, it planned “Mind.Beating” Exhibition – the collateral events of 55th Venice Biennale (Venice, Italy Arsenale), Chen Danqing, Liu Xiaodong, Fang Zhenning, Wang Guofeng, Xiao Changzheng, Yu Hong, Li Tianbing and others, totally 14 artists attended this show; in the same year, it also planned “Uncertainty” Show (Venice), “Four Signatures” show (Venice) and other exhibitions.

In 2014, it planned “Mind.Beating-- Beijing” – the first tour in China of the parallel exhibition of 55th Venice Biennale exhibition; In 2014, it held “Cut Skin” Show; "Nowhere to Exist" and other high-quality exhibitions of contemporary Chinese arts. Especially in the “Mind.Beating-- Beijing”, the collateral events of 55th Venice Biennale exhibition, unique artistic pioneering concepts of arts and special live exhibition effects were introduced on the stage of the world’s most influential biennale, which received wide attention and warm praises from the international arts community.

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